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Welcome to Fleurish Health

I'm so happy you found your way here! Our mission is to equip, encourage and empower you to lead a healthy life.

We coach the WHOLE person. You won't find a one size fits all approach, restrictive meal plans, or trending diets here. Instead, you are guided uniquely and specifically tailored to your lifestyle and goals.  The best part is we are all VIRTUAL coaches meaning you can live anywhere. We've coached clients all over the United States and expanded to coach Internationally. Our approach is based on functional medicine, with a "food is medicine" approach, targeting diet and lifestyle modifications (think habits and routines)  to identify the necessary adjustments that will help you reach your goals.

Small changes can make a BIG difference and we are here to help you set realistic goals and navigate through the changes by DAILY coaching to hold you accountable to ultimately reaching your goals and sustaining this way of healthy living for a lifetime. We offer individual and group coaching packages.

If you are looking to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Restore your energy
  • Balance your hormones (We offer Hormone Testing)
  • Understand what Supplements to take to best support your goals
  • Get off of your medications
  • Get rid of brain fog
  • Learn to make healthy meals and choices that support your goals
  • Simplify being healthy
  • Improve Libido
  • Establish a healthy relationship with food and exercise

Interested in how we can support you in reaching your goals? Want to learn more about our coaching? Looking for a Functional Medicine Practitioner to get to the root cause of your symptoms? You've come to the right place. Schedule a FREE Consult with us today and let's reach those goals together!

Meet Our Team

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Lacie Jo 

Founder, Registered Nurse, Certified in Women's Health, Nutrition and Hormones

Lacie Jo is a Health and Nutrition Coach and supports women through individual and group coaching. As a wife, mom of 3, and business owner, she understands the juggling act of prioritizing health and has dedicated her work to simplifying health so that it is achievable in every season of life. She is a whole health advocate, focusing on you as a whole person, and will help you become healthy in all parts of your life: mind, body, and spirit. She is skilled at helping women break through emotional and mental barriers when it comes to their health, body image, and relationship with self. She has helped hundreds of women break the cycle of binge eating and regain control over their choices. She is the founder of the Fleruish Health Community and believes in the power of fostering support and connection. 


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 Tyler is a Functional Medicine Practitioner (FMP) and Performance Coach with a background in exercise physiology, nutrition, hormonal testing, and manipulations through lifestyle modification. Tyler uses specialized training and techniques to find the root causes of complex illnesses. This process involves investigating multiple factors causing a condition or multiple conditions causing one symptom.

We offer Lab Testing:

Comprehensive Stool Panel
CardioMetabolic Panel
and more.
You can become a coached client or you can have an Individual Consult for Lab Testing/Review, Supplement/Prescription Recommendations/Review, and a targeted plan for healing.

Certified Health and Nutrition Accountability Coach, MSW

Rebekah is certified in Heath and Nutrition Coaching and supports women through individual daily coaching. She teaches you how to eat to support your goals while navigating your daily life. She is skilled at helping women make health work for them, instead of trying to force themselves into a mold that is not going to work long-term. Through the process of establishing healthy habits, learning how to eat to support your goals, and applying strategy to your health approach, you will not only reach your goals but you will maintain them. Her focus is to help you find joy in the journey and to stop dieting forever. 


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Health Coaching Packages

Individual Health and Nutrition Coaching 

3 Month Minimal
  • Daily Individual Coaching specific to your Goals
  • Daily Food and Health Journaling in your personalized App
  • Accountability to yourself and your coach
  • Forming Healthy Habits and Routines

Accountability Group Coaching

4 weeks
  • Group Coaching (Groups are held Quarterly)
  • Daily Food and Health Journaling in your personalized App
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls. All calls will be recorded
  • A community of women where you will be seen, heard and supported
  • Accountability to yourself and the women in your group coaching community

Fleurish Health Community

Unlimited Access
  • Access to Recipes, Health Hacks (solutions as opposed to Marketing like you will find on our Social Media Platforms), Troubleshooting, Community Questions, and more from a trusted source at your fingertips.
  • Recorded Podcasts and Videos from the Fleurish Health Coaches
  • A weekly email/recap from other community members questions and explanations and real-life  application 
  • A community of like minded women supporting and encouraging one another on their health journey

Functional Medicine

Unlimited Access
  • Private Access to Tools, Resources, and More
  • Subscription to Highlite, containing the latest research, coaching feedback, nutritional info, exercise troubleshooting, and Functional Medicine Approaches without the hassle of Googling 

What Our Clients Say

Lead Pastor

You know that saying, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” You taught me how to fish!!​​

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Medical Device Service Manager, Jacksonville, Florida

There is not a diet available today that I have not tried. I wanted a lasting change without having to “diet”. My goal was to be healthy from the inside out and to be the best “me” possible. Lacie helped me start the path of achieving this goal. It was so much more than a number on a scale. It was about the “why” behind the choices I was making when walking through a day, week, or weekend in my life. She invested in my emotional health which changed my food choices. It was never about what I could not have, it was about the when and how often and of course accountability. She understood my scale anxiety, my fear of failure, and my sometimes unrealistic expectations of myself and she coached me through! I got great results for sure, but I learned so much more that I will carry with me for a lifetime.

Lead Pastor

I needed someone to encourage me, challenge me and keep me accountable to short term, attainable goals that would eventually lead to huge long term results. I needed someone to come alongside me in my journey that would remind me that I could succeed in my goals of external transformation yet fail if this way of “thinking” did not change my internal focus of making a lifestyle out of daily choices towards overall health. I needed someone to help me see my relationship with food was unhealthy and therefore a major hindrance to meeting my goals. On the days where it was hard, I needed someone to tell me to keep going. And on the days where I felt accomplished, I needed someone to celebrate with me!  Lacie has been that coach for me!

Stay at Home Mom

The woman in the before picture put in work for 15 months to lose 20 pounds and was happy with her progress. But she decided she wanted more. Working with Fleurish Health equipped me with so much knowledge about how bodies work and more specifically how MY body worked. In a short 9 months of working together, I met my goals and felt prepared to continue living this new lifestyle. Lacie Jo was there for me when my grief over the loss of my dad showed up on the scale and helped me find my new groove. Two years after “graduating” from coaching with Fleurish Health, I am achieving more than I thought was possible for a mom of 4 in her mid 30s.

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