Simplify Your Shopping With This Clean-Eating Grocery List

Lacie Jo Lafleur

Fleurish Health Grocery List Lafayette Louisiana

How many of you tend to get overwhelmed when planning your weekly meals because you don't know what foods fit within a "clean-eating" food list?

We've created this clean eating grocery list to help get you started.

Removing the confusion and frustration from grocery shopping sounds appealing, doesn't it?

Each week, you sit down to make a grocery list and you find yourself overwhelmed with:

  • too many options
  • unsure it this fits into a healthy lifestyle
  • unsure if this is considered "clean eating"
  • end up going to the store, unprepared, tossing random items in your cart

Who can relate to this? 🙋

Being prepared with groceries is a great way to set yourself up for success week after week. Having clean foods in your fridge and pantry creates an environment that is supportive of your health goals.

Finally, a clean eating grocery shopping solution!

We've put together a list of clean eating foods and ingredients to help you get started.

This is not an all inclusive list and you don't have to eat ALL the foods on the list.

Take what you like and forget the rest.

We do encourage you to build upon the list as you become more familiar with which recipes you like and allow you to truly adopt this healthy lifestyle.

This list is intended to help you arrive at the store each week prepared, so that you can remain consistent with your new meal prepping habits.

Take this list, experiment with it, and add to it to make it your own.

Be intentional in planning out your meals while being mindful of your goals, set yourself up for success by choosing more whole and minimally processed foods (like those on this list), and be consistent!

This is what breeds sustainability as you progress along your health journey.

Download Our List Below!

Fleurish Health Grocery List