Why Hire A Health And Accountability Coach?

Lacie Jo Lafleur

Fleurish Health Accountability and Health Coaching

Health Coaches are flooding the market these days. I love that so many people have taken a stance to focus and help lead others towards living healthier lives. But what does it actually look like to work with a health coach? Can more accountability be what you need in order to move forward successfully on your health journey?

What Is a Health and Accountability Coach?

A Health Coach is defined as a supportive mentor and wellness authority who helps others feel their best through individualized food and lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. 

Pretty spot on!

As a health and nutrition coach, I get to walk hand in hand daily with women to oversee their meals, sleep, stress, water, weight, hunger, and exercise all while navigating through their daily lives.

Together, we set tangible goals and then my role is to hold them accountable to those goals so that they continuously progress towards them.

The beauty is it’s all virtual so I can coach you anywhere in the world.

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How Is Fleurish Health Different From Other Health Coaches?

1. This is not a trendy diet. This is a lifestyle transformation. This is Whole Health.

2. You are not in this alone. I do not prescribe a diet or meal plan and then send you on your way to figure it out on our own. We navigate through the day to day together finding ways to make this work for YOU and your coaching is tailored individually to YOU so that you can carry it out for a lifetime.

3. We are logging, tracking, measuring and making decisions based on how YOUR body is responding to the changes you are making. ALL CLIENTS ARE NOT COACHED THE EXACT SAME.

4. We “go there” and by “there,” I mean we press into the areas that need attention that nobody likes to talk about. Binge eating, emotional eating, over restriction, over exercise, under-eating, rewarding self with food, punishing self with food. The emotional aspect of things-we talk about it, we find replacement behaviors and if need be, we include external resources to help walk with you in this so that you can gain FREEDOM. We focus on all interconnected components of health: mind, body, soul.

5. We focus on self-love and self-awareness. This is KEY, along with mindset, to carrying this out long term.

6. We form healthy habits, not restrictions. It’s 2020, we can pretty much make anything work and find a healthier way of incorporating things.

How Do I Choose A Health Coach?

Start with real resources.

Who has worked with them in the past? Ask for their feedback.

Look at that person years after they complete their coaching time. Have they carried this new lifestyle out? If you get anything from this paragraph, get this: When people can walk away from their coach and years later are still walking out this new lifestyle and leading a healthy life, THAT is when you have struck gold.

This is the main difference between trendy diets and programs on the market and what I do. I always say my past clients are my best marketers.

They are walking billboards for what I do. I still get referrals from clients I worked with three years ago.

Why? Because they have CARRIED THIS OUT long term and sustained their new healthy way of life. What does that tell you?


It is yours for the taking, if you want it.

What Qualifies Me To Be Your Health Coach?

Well, aside from everything I said above, I also have a RN, BSN degree which means I understand the body paired with Nutrition Certifications and a ton of Health books under my belt.

But honestly, a degree doesn’t make you a good coach. Emotional and relational intelligence along with the education and experience is what makes you a good coach.

I could stand in front of a classroom and teach you all the things you need to know about health, but is lack of information the problem?

Absolutely not- just hop on google and start researching.

Like my husband always says quoting Derek Sivers, “ if more information was the answer, then we'd all be billionaires with perfect abs.”

The lack of information is not the problem. The gap is in the lack in ability to implement these new healthy changes and then carry them out long term.

Why is that?

Because we can’t just do a complete overhaul on our health and the way we have always done things without new habit formation, behavior replacement, and shifting our mindset. This is where the accountability piece comes in. It is in this space that I typically see the greatest shift, but it doesn’t come without discomfort, frustration and typically the desire to just give up at some point or another.

Luckily, you’ve got me and I’ve GOT YOUR BACK.

I am there with you in it all.

I will not let you default yourself.

I will walk with you hand in hand until you cross the finish line.

The finish line isn’t a desired weight, typically, it is walking in FREEDOM when it comes to food and exercise and living out your healthy lifestyle.

That is what makes this such a beautiful process. One that leaves people happy, healthy and whole.

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